Champagne DS “Brut sans année” to be discovered

Our Champagne DS « Brut sans année » is pleasing to the connoisseurs and opens a world of pleasure to all. Characterized by a low level of sulfite, fresh and natural, it brings you to a long lasting moment of satisfaction. With its original and stylish presentation, it will satisfy your eyes as much as your taste.

It is perfectly well suited for aperitifs and seafood. With a clear and shiny color, and a taste of light fruits evolving toward a nutty flavor, it is well balanced.

In mouth, its fine bubbling, its elegant structure and its freshness are the guarantee to ever-renewed delight.

Cépages: Chardonnay 50%, Pinot noir 25% et Pinot meunier 25%

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  1. Barbi 19 juin 2011 à 05:18

    At last! Someone who udnesrtnads! Thanks for posting!


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