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We have good news because, after a few weeks, all of our websites have been updated. May be you might not noticed it at first glance but everything has been done to make things easier for you.

The top menu of our Blog DS has been modified and now, from i,t you can easily get to our online shop Boutique DS and to our website Champagne DS.

Then, concerning our online shop, our Boutique en Ligne, it becomes our primary saling space and now has a specific page giving full informations about us : Maison de Champagne. Delivery is still free for France (including for Corsica within the limit of 6 bottles and for champagne only).

By registering on our online shop and by accepting to receive informations on our products, you become an  Affiliés. Then, as soon as you receive confirmation of this « Affiliation« , you get a 15% permanent discount on all our wines. Each time you come back on our e-commerce and activate your account, the discount automatically apply to all the wine you purchase.

An additional discount is also available to those creating a Club DS. For more informations, feel free to ask.

Here are our new prices (we only sale and deliver in France, Andorre and Monaco) :

Champagne DS « Brut sans Année » : 35,00€ (Full price), 29,75€ (Affiliés) and 23,80€ (Club DS)**.

Champagnes DS « Blanc de blancs » : 41,00€ (Full price), 34,85€ (Affiliés) and 27,88€ (Club DS)**.

Champagnes DS « Rosés » : 41,00€ (Full price), 34,85€ (Affiliés) and 27,88€ (Club DS)**.

Case of 6 Bordeaux « Blancs » : 69,00€ (Full price), 58,65€ (Affiliés & Club DS**).

Case of 6 Bordeaux « Rouge » : 69,00€ (Full price), 58,65€ (Affiliés & Club DS**).

Then, you can also try our exceptionnal wines, in Magnums.

** Special conditions, Contact-us

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